Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Powerless, Once Again!

My new power cord has failed - I didn't purchase it from Apple, but will tomorrow! So, this is another iPhone post.

It rained here nearly all day, and I spent hours in my sewing room: seaming and weaving on three knitted pieces. Two sweaters are totally finished, while a vest is almost completed! WooHoo!

My friend Carol at Barnaclegoosepaperworks blogged about a 3D photo app, so I tried it today. Here are some results.

became this:


became this:

I love this one:

My garden ornament turned into this:

Thanks for tuning in!!

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Gerrie said...

It seems it is was raining every where the other day!!

Jeannie said...

Fun app! Love your yard art. It poured here yesterday and today didn't even warm to 60 - brrrr!

Rayna said...

Rains here every night and the weather is cool. But making up for the dry spring, which is good - and my garden looks lush (which is a relative term).

Carol said...

So pleased you are enjoying the app. It's a lot of fun and you're getting good results. xox