Thursday, June 28, 2012


I finally had some time 
to work on my second piece
in my "Letters Home" series.
Having a break was a good thing -
I spent time thinking about what this piece was saying to me,
and how I needed to communicate it.
So yesterday afternoon I began cutting out circles
in the fabrics I had dyed earlier in the week.
They are all Misty Fused, 
but are pinned on the silk for now,
until I get their placement to my liking.
In the photo above, I'm jurying colors.
The background color is a truer blue
than appears here.

This is a more accurate color portrayal:

I weeded out the more red orange and am going with this yellow orange.
You can see some hand-dyed embroidery floss hanging on the left -
that will be used after the dots are fused in place.



Jeannie said...

This is really going to be striking. Love the design on the background fabric.

Carol said...

I just love the colours and the look. This will be a wonderful piece.