Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is the beginning of my tunic top for 
Vacation Bible School.
I'm dyeing all of the components -
actually, some pieces were dyed years ago
and are getting a second chance at life!
I love dyeing pieces using mechanical resists.
This piece was flag-folded and then square plexi pieces were placed inside.

This is the little top that I'll wear under the tunic

I had never done traditional tie-dyeing before,
and I'm finding it to be fun.

This week I've been spending my days 
helping to set up for VBS -
which, if you didn't know, 
isn't like it was when I was a kid!
Our entire Parish Hall is being turned into
the walled city of ancient Babylon!
It is amazing!
I love the camaraderie:
working with my fellow parishioners,
getting to know everyone better,
and on a more personal level.
It's been terrific!!

Next week, during VBS, I will be an astronomer in a shop in Ancient Babylon.
My 'job' will be to teach the kids how to build
small globes of paper mache
which will show constellations.
We will poke holes in the dried paper mache where the stars are,
and then we'll put small battery operated glow lights underneath
so that the constellations will show up in the dark.
I've made one already and it is really cool!

Tomorrow I am taking a day off from VBS prep,
and will spend it with my little Charlie.
I am so eager to see him!!



Jane LaFazio said...

can't wait to see you wearing your new outfit and showing us what a papier mache constellation thingey looks like!

Jeannie said...

Sounds like fun! So much better than the plywood tray with rope handle that we suffered through in VBS! The tunic fabric is wonderful. Have fun!

Carol said...

Fabric is lovely. And what a wonderful time you will have at VBS! You will have to provide lots of photos, especially of your constellations.

Lora Martin said...

Man, the VBS I went to generally consisted of coloring and cutting out paper figures! The best memory I have is the Kool-Aid (which we never got at home).

You're going to have fun with those kids and they will have a blast.

Judy said...

Boy, you aren't kidding Lora!