Sunday, July 01, 2012

Day One with Jane LaFazio

I had my first in person class today with
I've taken several with her through Joggles,
but never drawing/sketching.
The class was titled
"Sketching and Watercolor:
Journal Style"
and was held at Jane Powell's wonderful
in Saluda, NC.

I was excited to finally meet Jane and to take a drawing class.
The drawing had me nervous,
but I knew that if anyone could help me, 
Jane was the person!

Here is the class collection of sketches and watercolors:

my sketch is in the back row, 2nd from left
you can see it better here:

Jane and I added the border at the end of class
and I added text later in the evening.

(This post is a day late, as we lost Internet here last night.)

As per usual, 
Jane did her yoga pose at the end of class:

Jane Powell, owner of Random Arts,
is taking Jane's photo -
I am, you might say,
'behind the scenes'!

It was a fabulous class,
and I, who was convinced I could not draw,
now know that I can!
I am thrilled -
and I intend to keep honing my new found skill!

I have met the most wonderful bunch of ladies!
It has been truly amazing!!



Jeannie said...

Insert big grin here! I am so happy you enjoyed your class with Jane. I have her dvd and it opened my eyes to the possibilitiy that I might be able to draw. I can only imagine what a class with her would be like. Woo Hoo! Look at you draw!!!

Vicki W said...

It sounds like a fabulous class!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

You were a very talented drawer even before this class ;-)
Have a nice time!


Jane LaFazio said...

oh yes, and such fine photos of me.......hey Judy, would you do me a favor and link to my site when you mention me??? MUCH appreciated. xoxo