Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy (Independence) Day!

Here in the States we're celebrating Independence Day.
So here's my Red, White & Blue Independent Fish!
Actually, we are going to the Atlanta Aquarium
with our grandson Charlie and his parents tomorrow,
so I figured Charlie needed a
At 19 months, our little guy adores fish, 
so the aquarium is going to be quite an experience for him...
and why not have one of his own to carry - 
or at least take home!
I've quilted and stuffed Charlie's Tuna.
I hope he will enjoy it half as much
as I enjoyed making it for him.

After posting here yesterday,
I couldn't wait any longer to 'crack open' my geode.
I sharpened my little kitchen paring knife and

I love the inside of it!
I may have to make more!!
Charlie will be old enough to take part in this exercise
in just a few years -
and I know he will love the results!

As part of my morning practice,
I sketched and painted this sunflower after breakfast.
It was challenging for me -
so many odd petals and the little green leaves just under the petals.
Life would have been easier sketching another bean -
maybe tomorrow!

While I was constructing Charlie's Tuna,
I tuned into Pandora.
We've discovered a new channel:
60's Oldies.
If you're vintage, like me,
you may enjoy it too!

p e a c e


Jeannie said...

I love Charlie's Tuna! He is going to love it too. Your sunflower is wonderful. I like the shadowing that you added. I keep looking at my sunflower and taking photos of it, but all those petals! Have fun tomorrow!

cri-cri said...

I love all three your items ..the felt I also do sometimes and the result is great ... and I learn to sketch but I´m not so far as you ... but it´s the fun in being creative that´s count ...

komodori said...

I adore Charlie's tuna---it is magnificent! What a lucky fellow he is to have such a loving and creative nanna! I hope you have a great time at the Aquarium---keep your eyes peeled for Zech Pearce. He works there doing the fish show. Enjoy the day!