Saturday, July 14, 2012

My fingers have been itching to do some machine quilting!
There was a slight delay because I decided to order some
gorgeous thread from Superior.
They have arrived 
and I am having fun!!
This is just a bit of a tease.
Hopefully I can knock this quilting out this week,
and I'll show you more then.

My dear old friend Jackie posted this on her FB page today:

I like it!

happy weekend


Jeannie said...

The blue is gorgeous! I love the orange dots on it. Hmm, as I sit here with my Diet Coke. I am better- 1/2 glass instead of the 6 pack of Tab back in the day. I really do need to learn how to machine quilt. I might get things finished more quickly. Hugs!

Connie said...

I like it too! But what I like more is the dynamic colors in your quilt. I can not wait to see it, finished. You amaze me with your creative awesomeness. Have a marvelous week. Connie :)