Tuesday, July 17, 2012

an obsession with leaves

I'm still puttering around with my leaf stamp,
sewing leaf images to bits of previously stamped,
painted & dyed fabric.
The piece above was first altered in a class
I think I carved my very first stamps with Rayna.
(By the way, she is coming to Georgia next April!
Stay tuned for more info on that.)
So, anyway, the outlined leaf needed a boost on this fabric,
so this morning I colored it in with a mixture of several 
Caran D'Ache watersoluble pastels.
I like using these little crayons.
When you wet the area you've colored,
the crayon just sort of melts into the surface of the fabric.
Very nice!

Here's another:

I'm plugging away on the blue & orange piece -
quite methodically.
That said, the week's schedule has changed,
and I'm running short on time.  EEEEK!
So, perhaps the quilting will be finished next week?
Thankfully, there is no deadline!


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