Friday, July 20, 2012

On My Needles

Hannah Fettig's marvelous 
seamless, top-down turtleneck
has been keeping me company 
for a while now
both in the car and in the evenings .
The yarn is from quince&co. -
and it is yummy!
Notice how the its color coordinates with my 

The pattern for Lightweight is in
Hannah Fettig's new book,
in which all patterns are knit with quince&co. yarn.
I love her simple, classic patterns -
and they are seamless!

I'm now a little more than halfway through the
raglan increases -
these increases are just enough to keep me on my toes!

Here's how Lightweight looks -
the top of the turtleneck is at the top in the picture.
Soon I'll be switching to a longer needle,
as the increases are overloading this one!
This is a great 'social knitting' piece -
requires little thinking, 
so you can knit and talk!

Do you knit?
If so, what's on your needles??



Jeannie said...

My needles have been idle for so long, I don't remember what is on them! LOL! I think it is a cabled cowl, which I will have to frog back because I am not sure where I am on the pattern and heaven forbid I leave a note! I love the color of your yarn and the Murphy bag. It is kind of hard to think about turtlenecks when I am running the a/c. Have a wonderful weekend.

Connie said...

You are such an inspiration. Your knitting is lovely. Have a wonderful weekend, Connie :)

Carol said...

I'm not a knitter but love to see what you are working on...