Thursday, July 26, 2012

I steamed some Eucalyptus leaves.
I wasn't sure how to secure my bundles
so I used binder clips.

I wanted to steam inside
and enjoy the lovely Eucalyptus aroma
but our temps are high again,
so the hot plate on the patio
was the best option.

I steamed the leaves for four hours.
Don't know if there is a prescribed time,
so here again,
I'm flying by the seat of my pants.

After four hours:

The bundles are now hanging in my studio.

a detail shot:

The grand opening will be
August 15th.
I hope I can wait......
can you????

There were lovely lima beans in our
CSA basket this week:

Aren't they gorgeous?
I slow cooked them -
life is growing slower,
and I like it!
They were delicious...
wish you had joined us for dinner!



Connie Rose said...

Hi Judy,
You can steam for about an hour, maybe 2 at most. Four hours isn't necessary. And re: letting the bundles sit for a month, really not necessary, either. Most of the work India does these days, in her classes, as well as work others on the Facebook group do in their classes -- they cook the bundles, let 'em sit overnight, then open them. You'll need to find what works best for you. But in my experience, waiting didn't add any color.
And re: lima beans, sorry, but I'd much rather look at them than eat them!

Jeannie said...

I am with Connie on the lima beans - so pretty, but I was the kid that tried to feed her's to the dog. Pretty bundles! Perhaps open them in intervals to see what works and when? You notice I am suggesting you do this, I am not that organized! LOL! Have a sparkly day with Sir Charles!

Ginny Huber said...

Nice to see connie's info here... I'm not a patient person..and also to see your euca steaming. It looks like there's some orange there so maybe you'll get come we did in irit's course in italy. Here, so far, as I've written on my blog I've got three from California and two from here, via a give-away the florist at whole foods and a friend who gathered dry ones from a tree on her road trip! meanwhile, like all your work these euca exeriements, no mtter how long you decide to wait, will likely be delightful to see. Re; lima beans: I'm a fan..

Beverly said...

I'm with Connie and Jeannie on the lima beans- they are one of the few foods my Georgia-born grandmother never got me to like. (And you can add black eyed peas to that list, too!) Those are pretty, but not for eating!

I can't wait to see how your bundles come out- this has been fun watching you do

Peggy said...

I get antsy about opening up my bundles, too. Wish there was eucalyptus around here, I keep meaning to buy some from the floral dept. at the grocery store. Will be watching for the outcome.

Beans are so beautiful, aren't they? I have a few dried beans on my sewing table for inspiration. And baby limas were in one of my favorite vegetarian recipes when we ate that way, a succotash. A long time ago, but it was heavenly. I'll have to find it! xo

Carol said...

Interesting to see Connie's comments about the time to leave the parcels. I feel I'm learning a lot here.
Not sure about eating the beans but as a vegetarian I suppose inshould make more of an effort with them. But I do love the look of them...