Thursday, August 30, 2012


We've been very lucky to share some 'firsts' 
with our grandson Charlie, 
while on vacation together this week.

He absolutely loves trains,
and today we all took the 
Conway Scenic Railroad.

At first, he was a bit subdued,
not really understanding that he was going to actually 
ride on the train...and that he was riding on the train!

Then he became more interested

at times, he was really interested!

"whistle - LOUD!"
he said repeatedly

Like all of us,
Charlie enjoyed the breeze blowing through his hair,
and the rhythmic clackety clack.

Yesterday, he was entranced with his first hayride.
Here he is, with his Mommy,
checking out one of the horsies:

Earlier in the day,
we hiked up Rattlesnake
(a rather large hill/small mount above our camp).
This is the view of Squam Lake 
(and our camp, in the foreground)
from Rattlesnake:

.....and here we are
 - the two of us together - 
atop Rattlesnake,
another first!

I managed to sketch a pine cone from a White Pine
this afternoon,
while everyone napped.

and there's nothing better than
a full moon (almost) over Squam
at the end of a glorious day!



Gerrie said...

Your sketching gets better and better!!

Jeannie said...

Yeah, Charlie!!! I am so glad you got to witness Charlie's first train ride. You pine cone is wonderful. Gorgeous shot of the moon. So happy you are having a fun time - enjoy!

Jane LaFazio said...

love your pine cone! and what a beautiful place.......

Barbara said...

looks blissful....