Monday, August 06, 2012


This is a photo collage of the bundle that I opened Saturday.
The entire piece, measuring roughly 11 x 22",
is in the upper left,
and the rest are detail shots.
I'm quite pleased with it.

You can see more photos here.

Remember this?

I finally had an opportunity to sit down and 
identify it in my Wildflowers of the Eastern United States.
It's called the Crane Fly Orchid
and while it is fairly common in this area,
it is the only species of the genus Tipularia found in North America.

It's very dainty and I love it!
I check on it every day when I walk up our driveway -
hoping that a lawn mower or weed wacker won't have it's way with it.

So, there you have it - The Crane Fly Orchid!

Here is last Friday's bundle of steamed onion skins and rose leaves.

It is now resting comfortably in my studio.

My goal is to steam two bundles each day -
some I wrap around galvanized pipe,
some around glass (I've even tried an old wine bottle),
and the best of all:
C bought me a length of copper pipe last week
and I have cut it into several smaller lengths to fit into my pots.
I am trying to keep accurate notes of my processes
and to vary leaves, flowers and the material around which it is wrapped,
so that I can gain some independent knowledge.
I'm having a great time exploring!
India Flint's fabulous book, Eco Colour
proves to be more inspiring every day.



Vicki W said...

That bundle is spectacular and was worth the wait!

Elizabeth said...

Truly lovely, Judy!! Do you know that these will be color fast? are you using any fixative or a mordant to hold the color in the fabric. i Do know that poke berry is transient at least it was when my mom dyed with it. Hopefully some new techniques have developed!! love watching all this eco chemistry!!!

cri-cri said...

it´s so nice to see your pieces ... I like this experiment and the books of India Flint ´re also on my wish list ...

Jeannie said...

The mad scientist in her lab! Fantastic results, Judy!!! I am so impressed with what gorgeous colors you are achieving. That little plant is so cute.

Karoda (nickname) said...

The unbundled fabric reminds me of fossils. I love it!

Sweetpea said...

Hi Judy ~ just popping over from the fsd I'll be sure not to miss ANY of your grand experiments & beautiful bundles. May our addiction move ever onward!


Carol said...

Ah, this is the other India Flint book I have on the way. You are making me very impatient to get my hands on the books. That is a most delicious looking bundle. Steamed onion skins and rose leaves make lovely colours!