Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This was how my Texas Star Hibiscus looked 
just before going into my steamer on August 5th.

This was how it looked after steaming:

I checked it this afternoon,
and this is how it looks now:

According to the 'Three Week Rule',
this bundle is scheduled to be unfurled on August 26th.
We will be out of town then.
Do I open it before we leave,
or do I wait until we return home?????
Such a dilemma!
what would you do????????

I opened several bundles yesterday,
as Charlie was here over the weekend,
and what almost two-year-old is interested in unfurling eco-dye works,
according to their schedule?
I was really pleased with this one:

This is the outer end of a silk scarf eco-dyed with
Rex Begonia leaves and onion skins.
The begonia leaves gave a great crunch 
and spurted out some lovely purple liquid
when they were rolled around my pipe,
so I had high hopes that I'd get some color.
I was not disappointed.
I wrapped the bundle with some silk habotai ribbon,
hence the white resist lines.

And this is the other end of the bundle:

White oak leaves were rolled at this end,
you can see their shape in the lovely pink areas.
I was very pleased with this piece.



Ineke said...

They are really wonderfull.

Nat Palaskas said...

What a great looking bundle. You are so patient Judy. I couldn't wait longer than a week! Enjoy the result whatever you decide to do - Hugs Nat

Diane said...

Enjoying your eco-dyeing adventures! Oh, how I miss the process from start to finish.

Carol said...

I'm reading backwards so I see the results before the early stages.still wonderful to be following though. I feel like rushing out and defoliating the Rex begonias but I'll be restrained. That last photo is delectable! xox