Sunday, September 23, 2012


My 1299th post!

a silk charmeuse 'garden' scarf:
dyed with rose leaves & petals,
Lobelia cardianlis,
red blanket flowers -
all from my garden

oak & begonia leaves and 
onion skins
on 5 mm silk habotai
a lovely whisp of a scarf

Texas Star Hibiscus,
blossoms & leaves
on silk charmeuse

It was fun to unwrap these guys,
wash and photograph them for you.

Hope life has been good for you.
We've been busy with family & friends -
enjoying our lovely Autumn weather!



Jeannie said...

Beautiful, Judy! I think it will be fun to look at these over the winter and recall the past summer. Wishing you a glorious week.

Nat Palaskas said...

Your bundles have been terrific. I love dyeing from my own garden too. Some new rose leaves are starting to come now, I must use some of them soon - Hugs Nat

alexa said...

I love your oak and begonia bundle especially ...