Thursday, September 27, 2012


My copy of Lisa Kerpoe's wonderful book,
"Visual Texture on Fabric"
arrived months ago.
I was so excited.
In fact I was so excited that I immediately took it to Office Max
and had a wire binding and plastic cover put on it,
so that it would be easier to work with in the studio.

Sadly life got in the way of time to experiment with all of Lisa's techniques.
Granted, I had tried some after reading her wonderful blog posts,
but there were still a few resists that were new to me and calling my name.
I finally found some time earlier this week.
Above you can see the fabulous results of one of my sugar syrup resists.
I simply dripped sugar syrup from a spoon,and then dropped on liquid dyes,
using pipettes.
I love the look.

Below I've painted sugar syrup on a foam dragonfly stamp,
stamped the silk,
and then immediately applied thickened dyes.

I wanted to see if any of the dragonfly image would remain,
and I'm pleased with the effect.

Here's another detail shot

This is the entire piece,
very faint dragonflies, but still discernible.

I will try this stamping again,
next time allowing the sugar syrup to dry before applying the thickened dyes.
But I do love the effect of the wet on wet.

In the photo below,
I applied the sugar syrup to my silk with a foam brush,
dripped on liquid dyes,
and then smooshed them in with bubble wrap and a stamp.

I love the crystalline appearance of the dyes on the left,
and the faint texture of the stamp on the right.

Here's my cute little stamp:

So all of the above is leading up to a GIVEAWAY!!
It's been almost a year since I've done one,
and I'm in the mood to celebrate!
After all, yesterdays' blog post was my 1300th!

Here's the deal:
You have until midnight Sunday night EDT, September 30th,
to leave a comment below.
I will draw a name after that time and announce the winner on Monday morning.

The winner will receive a signed copy of Lisa's fabulous book,
"Visual Texture on Fabric".

Good luck!
I hope YOU win!!!



93e25b12-c6cd-11e0-a554-000bcdcb2996 said...

Just found your blog through a link on another one. Beautiful work! Want to try dyeing bought supplies, read tutorials. Now need energy and self confidence that it will come out right! Thanks for giveaway! Chittumsh.

Vicki W said...

I need to "get out" more, I had not even heard of this book! Thanks for telling me about it. I must check it out.

Connie Rose said...

I've never won a blog giveaway, but I keep entering. Maybe this time I'll get lucky!

Gerrie said...

Pick me pick me!!

Nat Palaskas said...

I only won blog giveaway once, but if you don't enter you would never win so please pick me!!!
Thanks for your giveaway Judy.


Jeannie said...

Don't pick me!!! LOL! Bet you never thought you would see that! I have a copy of Lisa's beautiful book and I agree it is a must have. Now I want to try the sugar syrup technique. I love the water like effects you got. Congrats on 1300~ who would have thunk!

Renee G said...

Would absolutely love to have a copy of this. It looks like a fantastic book.

Ineke said...

Congratulations on your 1300th blogpost.

Diane said...

I've been reading blog posts about sugar resists and would love to try this out. Lisa's book would give the needed info to try the technique, so I'm hoping I win this giveaway. Congratulations on your 1,300 post. Hugs, Diane

Unknown said...

I love surface design and resists. Great on the number of blogs. I'm working at it, but sometimes get sidetracked. Would love to win.

Mary said...

Wow, Judy!
This is so cool. I had read about sugar resists a while back bu never had a chance to try them out.
This book looks fantastic-I'll never try this technique if I don't get a push!
I hope I win.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oooooh...waving madly saying pick me, pick meeee! Loved her QA articles, a book would be even better!

Anonymous said...

Very lovely project and photos. Thank you. I have been eagerly waiting for this one through inter library loan.
I couldn't get enough of the experiments submitted to Quilting Arts magazine.
Johanna Fritz

Judi said...

Haven't heard of this book yet would love to have it. Tanks for the great giveaway and what a wonderful idea of spiral binding it

Judi said...

Forgot my email

queenopearls said...

Love your experimenting and thank you for taking photos... and having the giveaway!
I wish all the best with your church's festival of the arts.
Thanks always,
Christina in Cleveland

wlstarn said...

Very cool book, judging from your photos!

Judi said...

Sounds like Lis has some very innovative techniques. I would love to win her book.


colleen said...

I will hold my breath and make a wish! I'd love to be the winner!

Dianne said...

I'd love to add this book to my Dye library. Thanks so much.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Well, look at the wonderful things you find when you follow links on the Complex Cloth Yahoo group! You photos are great the giveaway, very generous. Please throw my hat in the ring!!!

Peggy said...

Congratulations, Judy -- this is so inspiring! xo

LouBird said...

This book has been on my radar... I really like seeing some of the techniques in practice.