Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It's been a day of memories for me -
flashbacks of the World Trade Center attacks,
the looks of sorrow, horror and fear on the faces of so many,
how I spent that day feeding the homeless with my Mom, my husband,
and members of our church.
Has it really been 11 years?

I completed machine quilting Letters Home 2 last evening,
and began the task of hand embroidering over the many circles

the hand stitching proved to be meditative and therapeutic -
so much so that I completed it this afternoon!

(in case you are wondering, the color is more true in the first photo)

The perle coton used is a combination of hand-dyes:
some mine and others a wonderful gift from my dear friend Jeannie.

I thought a lot about Jeannie today too.
I know she is being challenged right now,
and I'm sending her a huge cyber hug.

I will get this thing backed in the next day or two,
and begin finishing my next piece,
which is waiting rather impatiently on my design wall!

Today also marks the first anniversary of my adventure as a vegetarian.
I'm feeling great,
don't miss the meat one iota,
and intend to continue down this path.



Jeannie said...

Oh Judy, thank you so much for the hug. Letters Home 2 is beautiful and I am thrilled that some of my threads are included. Hugs to you.

yvette said...

I wish I could see the whole cloth...
and yes sad memories
but also congratulations with being a veggie

Eva said...

What a lovely cloth! The orange buttons -- at first I thought they were hovering above the blue fabric. What a gorgeous effect! Magic.