Sunday, September 02, 2012


We are just home from vacation,
and while I'm doing laundry
and catching up on a few other mundane tasks,
I'm allowing myself the delightful 'job'
of unfurling a few eco dyed bundles.

The one above was wrapped and steamed on August 8th.
I hadn't been too excited about opening it,
as the exterior looked fairly bland.
But I persevered,
and was pleasantly surprised to see this!

The fabric is 10mm Silk Habotai,
and measures 22 x 72".
I'm really thrilled with the color and design.
You can see more in my Picassa album.
My plan is to back this and perhaps add a bit of embroidery.
But it's really too lovely to need much more.
I'll post more photos when I've got it backed and ready to hang.

Now back to work!

Thanks for popping by!



Gerrie said...

Looks like an impressionist painting of flowers!!

Jeannie said...

Truly beautiful, Judy. Welcome home!

Beverly said...

It is beautiful, like a Monet. Glad you got home safely--

komodori said...

This is so lovely! I'm glad you're home and had a wonderful vacation!

Diane Doran said...

This is so beautiful - what was inside it?