Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Tuesdays are for Art!

Tuesdays are a yellow day for me....
yellow in that it is highlighted on my calendar
so that I don't leave home,
unless it is for something vitally important
like spending time with Charlie, voting, or...you get it!

So today I got to play with my new FW Acrylic Inks.
I had seen them on many blog posts and was curious.
Back in the Spring, I read Terri Stegmiller's great post on
(a great blog read, by the way!!)
Today I finally got to play with them!
Just as Terri did, I experimented first with resists -
a black water soluble gutta and water soluble school glue gel.
Above you can see acorns on cotton with the black gutta.

Here is the school glue gel on silk crepe de chine:

I also used the inks on a page in my small sketchbook,
but I must admit that I like them best on fabric.
They blend and spread so beautifully!
And you only need to use an itty bitty bit!
Try it, you'll LOVE it!

I also unwrapped another bundle:

This is another Texas Star Hibiscus,
which was wrapped around a piece of rusty re-bar - and steamed.
You'll see a better photo soon.

In early August, we had a large line of thunderstorms roll through Atlanta.
We were in the city, had taken our dogs for a walk,
and stopped at Starbucks for iced coffee.
Well, we spent about 45 minutes huddled on a bench under an overhang
with our boys, while the wind blew furiously, the rain pelted down on us,
and leaves went flying past us.
I scavenged the fallen leaves,
wrapped them carefully,
brought them home
and bundled them with Lebelia Cardinalis from my garden.
Today, I unfurled that bundle:

The leaves left a faint impression,
but the Lobelia could not be suppressed!

.....and here it is still on the pipe after three weeks of intimacy
with some gorgeous silk!



Sweetpea said...

Judy, the lobelia blossoms....ooooohhhhh lah lah! Cannot wait to see *more* of your results with that most wonderful red!!

gee, too bahd you aren't having any fun with this [ wink wink ]

Ginny Huber said...

Great to see how you are balancing your interests and experiments, Judy! The Lobelia looks absolutely wedded to that pipe. look forward to next pix.