Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tying up Loose Ends

This morning was very rainy,
so my walk with my boys was postponed.
They seemed ok with that, since they're not keen on rain.
I had a full morning to finish projects,
which was good, since I had an appointment
to drop off two pieces with my photographer this afternoon.
I love how they turned out,
and can't wait to get them back.
"Letters Home 2" had a mind of her own,
and told me exactly how she wanted to be finished,
and that she wanted a name change:
"Letters Home: 1970".

Above and below are images of the 'new piece':
poke berries and rex begonia leaves on silk.
I will back it and then see what it wants.
Here's another image:

I'm hoping to start the third "Letters Home" piece shortly -
back to Procion MX dyes after several months away.
Looking forward to it!

I also cooked up a mess of veggies this morning.
Our CSA basket comes every Tuesday,
so I try to finish up the contents of last week's delivery basket,
if they haven't already been devoured.
We had a busy week of dinners out with friends,
so there was a lot of food to deal with in the fridge.
I made my favorite yummy okra, onions & tomatoes:

Apples were also calling my name,
so I simmered up a delicious batch of applesauce.
And we have been blessed with a plethora of eggplant this fall.
I don't know about you, but eggplant is one of my all-time favorites.
My Mom used to turn her nose up at it, so I never ate it as a child.
I suppose you could say I'm making up for lost time now!
I oven-roasted three, using a new-to-me recipe that I found on the internet,
and then I made a big batch of ratatouille.
I expect that most of that will be frozen for lovely winter dinners.

Then the rain stopped,
so I ran into town and delivered my pieces to the photographer,
stopped at the post office to mail a package,
and topped it all off with a little grocery shopping.

By the time C got home from feeding the homeless and running errands,
I was worn out!
I don't know when I've felt so bone-aching tired.
Is it let-down from finishing those two pieces?
Is it the weather?
I don't know, 
but I do know that I took a delicious nap - 
which is normally not in my vocabulary.

The cold front, which brought our rain,
is slowly blowing through,
and we enjoyed a lovely 70-degree walk on the golf course this evening.
I am roasting fresh CSA Yukon Gold potatoes on the grill,
simmering fresh baby turnips and their greens,
and also tending to a pot of zipper peas,
which C lovingly shelled about 30 minutes ago.
What are you having for dinner?



Connie Rose said...

I recently saw someone's okra print online. Looked great. Cut in half and print with it! xo

Jeannie said...

Rex begonias? Who would have thought! I am going to have to try the eggplant recipe. I love it, C not so much - tough! LOL! We had fresh Yukon Golds the other day. I love their flavor. I fought with MX dyes and soy wax most of the day. They won. I am giving them a time out and hopefully, they will play better tomorrow. Wishing you a loverly evening. A nap? That is what rainy days are made for!

Jane LaFazio said...

what, no silk in the ratatouille? so okra wrapped silk scarves? no applesauce on your cloth?

Ginny Huber said...

I think there is a push here for okra on silk..or on something, other than a dinner plate! I like the combo of your images and evolvings here-eco/procion/lunch..all colorful and and creative !