Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Altering a Book

While at my favorite thrift shop, I purchased a few fun books to alter.
I've had some fun in this one, including trying out a bit of encaustic work.
The page above was 'painted' with left over thickened dyes,
allowed to dry,
stamped with deColourant,
once again allowed to dry,
and then blasted with my heat gun.

Above is another page,
this time using the deColourant Plus.

We had over 8" of rain from Sunday night until this morning.
You can see how our lake level rose.
Our Adirondack chairs and table are totally in the water,
as is our boat dock and canoe.
We did need the rain,
and nobody was injured,
so it was a good thing!



Beverly said...

Good grief, I don't think we get 8 inches in a year, never mind over a weekend! Glad you didn't float away in all that water!

Jeannie said...

We had under 6 inches of rain last year and this year is about the same. That is for the whole year and it usually is from snow melt!!! Growing up in Seattle, I know how hard it can rain, but 8 inches!!!! Wow! I guess there will be no tanning done on the dock today. :) xoxo

alexa said...

My, that's a lot of rain! We get loads here, but rarely that much in a few days ... glad you had something interior to do - I really like that top page of your book in particular.