Wednesday, October 10, 2012

more layers

I decided to add another layer to my sugar syrup resisted silk.
Why not play with pieces that are still players?
I didn't mean for this to appear as chains,
but I like it.
The resist used here is soy wax applied with a cut up car wash sponge.

I also screened some Presist on another piece of silk
which already had two layers of sugar syrup resist.
My Presist is very old and
I thought it was way over the hill,
so I did not expect much in the way of resist.
I was pleasantly surprised!

Once again, a huge thanks to Lisa Kerpoe for her great book,
and all of the inspiration that came along with it!

The Sassafras trees on the golf course are lovely right now.
Many are scarlet, and others are on their way to being so.
I wondered how they would print on watercolor paper,
so I brought home a little branch and gave them a ride.
These papers aren't quite dry just yet,
but I can see tinges of red orange here and there.

Here is another page
(actually the top of a stack of pages)
with one solitary leaf that shows great promise:

And I'm also playing around with other presentations of 
Euca leaves on silk:

This is just a segment of a scarf that I eco-dyed two days ago.
I've done another one since.
Not sure how I like the blocks with the Euca inside.
What do you think?



Jeannie said...

Wow! You have been busy! I really like the Sassafras leaves. They have a really interesting shape. Is that what the drink is made from? I think the euc in the block is interesting, but I have never liked real orderly compositions with natural materials. I tend to lean towards what I see in nature, i.e. leaves scattered on a path. That is me. I know others like the geometric pattern and orderly arrangement. Not much help, am I? LOL! xo

Eva said...

Oh, I so love the resist batiks! This wonderful brillant color. And clear shapes. I'm so into hard edge painting. Sugar syrup resist -- have to find out about that.

jamesmitges said...

Whenever you go and where ever you go. Be it the spa, a hotel or any-where else, its not the surrounding that gets inside you, it`s the inspirational music that plays with your mind and the environment around you..

Nina Marie said...

ohhh interesting - thanks for sharing - will have to put sugar resist on my things to do!

Lisa Kerpoe said...

Great results! I'm glad to hear the Jacquard resist finally worked for you!