Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Update

With an almost-2-year-old in the family,
I am once again getting into holiday enthusiasm!
Charlie was delighted to see that I had done a bit of decorating
at the condo prior to his visit!
There is a big, bright orange pumpkin on our door,
a chartreuse hand towel adorned with black bats in the bathroom,
and these painted beauties on the kitchen bar.

They were fun and easy to do!
Please don't think that this is an original idea!
I've borrowed it from Alisa Burke!
She has loads of different ideas for painted pumpkins,
so go to her blog and check them out
before it's too late!

Using Lisa Kerpoe's sugar syrup resist recipe,
I dyed the colorful scarf below
for my artist friend Gerrie Congdon's birthday.

I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

Now, back to Charlie!
He spent the day with us yesterday
while his parents enjoyed a day together in the city.
It won't be long before Charlie's a big brother,
so Mom and Dad wanted a day alone -
and we were more than happy to accommodate their wishes!
We first took him to a condo construction site
so that we could watch the cranes moving across the sky.

Charlie loves watching mechanical 'stuff',
and was thrilled to see the cranes whirring about in the sky.

Then we headed a bit further west to see some trains.

We had lunch outdoors at Tacqueria del Sol,
enjoyed dessert at a nearby frozen yogurt shop,
went to the bakery for fresh bread,
and watched more trains.

Then we napped.

When Charlie woke up,
I was playing Words with Friends
with my friend Kathleen.
Charlie snatched up my iPhone and started taking pictures
of the two of us

It's difficult for me to believe that he,
at not even two years,
has mastered so much on the iPhone!

We were exhausted by the time his Mom & Dad picked him up,
but it was the best tired in the world!
If you're still reading, thanks for humoring me! 



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Charlie is a clever and charming little boy ;-)


Gerrie said...

What fun! I can't wait until Paige is that age. Thanks again for the beautiful scarf and Lisa's book.

PS - you may not get a comment because of the d--- captcha thing.

Beverly said...

Those pictures he took are priceless! He looks like a very happy, joyful little boy.

Jeannie said...

What fun! It is such a joy to watch him grow up on your blog and to see the joy and wonder on his cute face. One of my favorite things to do was to take my nephew and little cousins to Sea-Tac for a tour. To take them on a plane, talk to a pilot and get their "wings". Of course, they were more interested in the bag carousels. LOL!