Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Book!

Our third book-binding class was held today,
and it was great fun and very informative.
I had met Claudia, my book-binding teacher, for lunch
one day last week and shared some of my eco-prints with her.
I had printed these pages with the idea that they might be used in a book,
and she took that idea and ran with it.
Claudia used my paper dimensions for everyone,
and so while the others were preparing their pages,
I was busy binding my signatures.
Below is one of the pages that I am auditioning for the cover.
I think I may mount it on a piece of black paper
slightly smaller than the existing cover.

Here is the first page of the book.
I love those faint images of the Sourwood leaves.

Here are all of the signatures bound into the cover -
pretty tricky sewing to get them all aligned and sewn in tightly.

This particular technique has an open spine, 
so the binding is visible.
Claudia had us use ribbon as a decorative element,
and I just so happened to have some eco-dyed silk ribbon on hand!
(I will add more printed paper to both the front and the back covers,
which will hide the ends of the ribbons,
and finish the book.)



Robin said...

Wow, Judy! This is fabulous... no wonder you're excited... Don't you just love it when a teacher runs with your idea, and everyone benefits! Wish I could see this and the other students' books in person... Thanks for posting the pictures.

By the way, I make books too... with hand painted papers and bead embroidery inset into the covers.

Jeannie said...

Wow is right! I love the eco dyed ribbon and the pages are so gorgeous. I just raked leaves and decided that this weekend, I will dive in. I resisted all fall, but all that color in a pile is too tempting. ;)

Connie said...

I agree . . . WOW! The pages in your book are so lovely.

You are amazing.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Carol said...

Oh Judy, now you're a book binder. Your pages look wonderful and I love the ribbon on the binding. Clever girl!