Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wool - Finally! - Thanks!

I purchased a wool/silk blend scarf from Dharma years ago -
so long ago, I don't even remember the year.
It had languished in my stash of blanks long enough.
Several of my eco printing/dyeing friends have shown glorious
results from their wool dyeing,
so I asked them a few questions,
and armed with some excellent advice,
I eco-dyed the blank on Monday.

Our yard is so full of leaves right now
(we are surrounded by natural area on all sides),
so it was easy to gather an assortment of
oak, sweet gum, river birch, sourwood, and maple.
I added some glorious Eucas from my sister-in-law Molly,
wrapped it all around a copper pipe,
and simmered my bundle for several hours.

I'm ecstatic with my results!
I washed and ironed the scarf this afternoon,
and intend to wear to our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow evening.

I was very haphazard in my leaf placement,
which is uncharacteristic of my normal eco-dyeing,
and I think this lent to a more layered appearance.
And, in fact, the leaves are layered in some areas.
I like that many are indistinct, 
while others are easily spotted.

We are celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary today.
Where has the time gone?
I think C is still the same man that I married -
level-headed, loving, generous, kind, inquisitive, and intelligent.
I am a different person now than I was then.
I never dreamed that I would be spending my days 
dyeing textiles with leaves from my garden!
Such a simple but most rewarding existence.

I have to say that life has been good to me.
I have no regrets -
not one single one!
I love what I do,
I love the precious man with whom I spend my precious hours,
and I adore my very precious offspring.

So, on this Thanksgiving Eve,
I am thankful for my family and friends,
and for a past time that keeps me busy
and ALWAYS excited,
eagerly anticipating the next dyeing adventure!

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow,
I wish you a happy holiday,
filled with family, friends, and excellent food -
and a spirit of thankfulness for your bounty.
Otherwise, may your day be filled with 
joy and wonder of this great world in which we are so privileged to live.

.......and as alway, I wish you



Gerrie said...

Happy anniversary to you and C!!

Jeannie said...

What beautiful words of Thanksgiving. Happy Anniversary to you both. Your scarf is gorgeous. It is so striking and interesting to see. Thank YOU for being such a dear friend and inspiring me to go beyond my comfort zone. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. (Don't get any gravy on your scarf! LOL!)

yvette said...

beatyful post in writing and your wool!

diane said...

What a lovely post, Judy -- your gratitudes as well as the fantastic results on the scarf. Congratulations to you both on your anniversary.

Carol said...

Absolutely stunning result with the scarf. The colours are so beautiful and subtle. It will be gorgeous for winter. And late congratulations on your anniversary. XOX