Thursday, January 03, 2013

A Day Well Spent

upper left: one of Charlie's favorites: a fire engine! (notice the hand-knit hat and mittens - by me!)

upper right: another of Charlie's faves: trucks!

lower left: yet two more faves: his Mommy, and lunch at Doc Chey's!

lower right: one of my newest faves: Baby Maggie

sweet peace


Ginny Huber said...

Lovely pix, Judy-many wonderful and sweet 'faves" here, including their Grandma!Happy new year!

Jeannie said...

Love the picture tour of your day. Charlie is so cute and Maggie adorable. You, Craig, and Kristin are too. :)

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Wonderful pictures from a wonderful day :)


Carol said...

Lovely family, and obviously a great day. xox