Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

 Our morning here in Georgia, USA, on the very first day of 2013 dawned very dark and gloomy.  It was drizzling a bit of rain, but the boys and I eagerly embrace our morning walks - especially in the rain!

 There is a certain peacefulness that comes with the rain.  I can't begin to explain it, so I will simply say that rainy mornings are some of my favorite days to walk.

When we returned home, we spotted this man out fishing in front of our house - obviously he embraces the rain as well!

I was not born in the southern part of the US, but I've now lived here longer than any other region, and I am slowly but surely learning to appreciate the traditions.  One is to eat greens on New Years Day - the idea being that you will be rewarded with lots of 'green backs' or currency during the new year.  Another is to eat black eyed peas, in order to bring prosperity.  We found an interesting recipe for chili, using black eyed peas, and I mixed this all up this morning.  It has been simmering for about eight hours now, and we are about to enjoy it.  (I've had a few nibbles, and it is indeed good!)

I've been doing a bit of machine quilting on some small pieces today.  I will show them to you when they are completed.  I'm also having fun carving a few more stamps, using designs from Geninne Zlatkis' book, "Making an Impression".  

While my purpose for purchasing Zlatkis' book was to refine my carving technique, I couldn't resist tracing and carving this stamp, as Charlie and I share such a love of acorns.

I hope your New Years Day 2013 has been as pleasant and peaceful as mine!



Jeannie said...

Growing up outside of Seattle and then moving to the dry side of the state, has provided me with a deep appreciation for rain. I miss it. I miss the sound and the feel. I miss the way the air smells and of course, I miss the green-ness that the rains bring. I agree there is something about walking in the rain that touches the soul.
I have yet to peer inside of Zlatkis' book, but I am going to savor each and every page when I do given the wonderful stamps you have been making.
I started wheat grass before Christmas. It is supposed to bring prosperity. Ms. Kitty is most appreciative. It is now nubbins of sprouts and I have started two more pots of it. LOL!
Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful 2013. xo

yvette said...

happy new year!

Teodo said...

Happy 2013 Judy.
ciao Linda