Tuesday, January 08, 2013

what have we here?

spent a blissful couple of hours in my dye studio late this afternoon - funny how time and thoughts of obligations simply disappear when I'm there......does that happen to you too?

anyway, above is the disposed of dyes on an old plastic bag - in the trash barrel.......I spotted it just as I was about to depart....hope it will be dry enough to salvage tomorrow!

had been playing around with designs, applying the primaries using a needle and syringe

listening to Paul Simon singing tunes from Graceland helped with the continuous lines

I did this a few days ago:

just testing techniques with the needle and syringe

I wish I could make this into a garment!



Jeannie said...

I agree! The trash bag is gorgeous!

Carol said...

Hope you can rescue the trash bag. Lovely! I like your squiggles and dots. You are having fun...

Nina Marie said...

Graceland is my all time fav album - played the tape so much I literally wore it out - so glad you can't wear out digital - LOL!