Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Kindness Chronicled

Friday was supposed to be our last day
 at the beach.
We took the boys for a nice long walk
 ending just before sundown.
I hate saying good-bye to the beach.....
don't you?
C checked his emails
 as we were sitting down 
with a glass of wine,
embracing our 'last sunset'.
I was sad....
but we had had a good week.
There was an email from the
owner of the home we were renting.
She invited us to stay Saturday
After about a second of discussion,
we said 'yes'!
Now I ask you,
how kind was she?

We savored every moment of our free day.
Even Bosco seemed to know it was free.
He romped in the surf
as he had never romped before!
We enjoyed another great lunch
at the Dockside in Port Saint Joe,
and yes, another incredible sunset.

Jane LaFazio recently blogged about 
the cairns along the beach in 
San Clemente, CA.
I share her love for cairns,
seeing them mostly on our hikes
along the Appalachian Trail.
I spotted this on our evening walk on our free day:

Not sure if it's a cairn or a castle!

Bosco stopped to admire it too!

And there was this wonderful sole print:

Given a 'free day', I had the luxury
of time to let my eco dyeing bundles
dry a bit in the sun

(pardon my toe!).

Honestly, I almost felt like a prisoner
who had been given a brief reprieve.
The world was so much brighter,
I saw everything so much more clearly,
and it was all good: very, very good!

Thank you Beth!
We so loved your wonderful home,
and your incredible generosity!

wishing you peace
today and always!


Jeannie said...

A gift indeed! I always hate tearing myself away from the beach. Leaving LaLa Land and back to reality is always so sad. I am so happy you had an extra day and enjoyed it to the max. Welcome home! Create your own little "LaLa Land" at home. :)

Nat Palaskas said...

You deserved it my dear. You must have been a good tenant to get such an offered. I'm glad you enjoyed the beach - Hugs Nat

Jane LaFazio said...

what a wonderful and unexpected kindness. A free day! oh my, there's a message in there, isn't there? She awarded you two/four a FREE day in your life! I love it!
and love the sand castle/cairn.

Carol said...

Well deserved but a most generous gift! What a lovely woman! Your photos are delightful. I'm so pleased your holiday was such a success. xox