Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ho hum: just another day

Normally, I'm the person who saves
the best for last
(be it at mealtime or blog-time)....
but tonight I decided to get you started with the best.

Because today was rather overcast,
we figured the sunset would be blah.....
go figure!
What do we know, anyway?????

I spend a good part of the sunniest portions of the day

I happily camp out with my knitting
and embroidery
(please note my lovely Murphy Knitting Bag!).
My finished Featherweight cardi graces
the back of the couch,
along with an embroidered piece of silk.

I also like to camp out here:

I'm not particular,
either chair is fine
although the left one is better
for a rightie, 
like me!
That is Baby Kate's cardi 
on the table between....
it's finished!!

And then there are the 3-4 beach walks each day:

Bosco loves playing catch 
with the 'chuckit'!
He loves it so much that he has torn the ball in shreds.
We hope to find a replacement tomorrow.

Here's Sunday's eco-dyed bundle,
drying on the porch.

I found the lovely outer piece
while we were vacationing in New Hampshire
last summer.
I can't wait to use it on another piece....
and I know which one it will be!
If you look carefully, 
you can see some leaves underneath.

And this is my rusty piece:

it's just rusting away!
ah: beach time!
(I've reused the plastic bag
that housed our grocery store kale,
so that's the red and green writing that you see.)

It's been a really laid-back day here 
on the cape.
I mastered Cat Bhordi's
while turning the heel on my 
Kellswater Sock.
I love Cat Bhordi 
and her teaching style.
If you are a knitter,
please do check her out!

sorry, you can't see a heel here...
that's because there was none
when I photographed it early this AM!
I hope to show you more tomorrow!

Time for dinner.....
hope you had as fine a day as we did!

peace from the beach


Carol said...

Another fab day, Judy! I'm so pleased you are both enjoying it so much. I'm fascinated by all you do when you are on holidays, you never turn off that little dynamo, though I guess you are more relaxed. Keep on enjoying. xox

Nat Palaskas said...

Oh Judy, I can feel the sea breeze reading this post. I'm glad you are enjoying the time to the max. It's nice to dye on the beach. Rocks, don't forget to gather some rocks. I will post something about rocks in my next post so look out! Thanks for sharing your precious time on the beach - Hugs Nat

Lisa Kerpoe said...

My, you are keeping busy! Have fun!

Jeannie said...

Love the upholstery on the sea seat. Who wouldn't be in a good mood sitting there with that view? Gorgeous sunset! Yes, I have moved from pale green with envy to emerald. :)