Friday, March 01, 2013


I posted photos of the outside of my new book
a few days ago,
and "Anonymous" asked if
I would show some of the pages,
so here you go "Anonymous"!
(I left these images large, 
so I believe you can tap on them to enlarge.)

The page above is just about my favorite page of all -
just runny watercolor paint.

Above is the the first page of the book.
You can see the 'shorty',
which binds the first signature.
on the left side is the same shorty paper,
with which I lined the inside of the covers.

I like these next two pages a lot too.
the one on the left is just splatters and drops,
while the one on the right is some of the dye-print paste
from off of the plastic bag.

The next page on the left is just drops of thickened dye,
while the one on the right is watercolors,
dabbed on watercolor paper with bubble wrap.

The next two pages are watercolor paint drops 
that have been combed.

more watercolors:

more of the thickened dyes off of the plastic bag
on the left,
watercolors on the right:

......and there you have it:
a few of my pages!

Thanks for asking, 'Anonymous' -
it's nice to know that readers are interested!

Happy Weekend Everyone!



Connie Rose said...

What fun! Have a delightful weekend. xo

Jeannie said...

As Connie said, fun pages! I really like the dots and the combed watercolor dots are fantastic! Have a wonderful weekend.

Carol said...

What a happy feeling this book has! Now will it stay as a sample of your watercolours etc or will you use it as a journal and write on the pages?

Judy said...

At this point, it's a sample - very difficult to use! Perhaps I should take it on a trip and further embellish it with happy memories!
Thanks for your comment!


Emma said...

Loving the sponteneity of these pages & I've enjoyed my trip back thru your blog posts. I allowed myself the time to get as far back as your stunning eco dying on paper & cloth & I'm drooling, they are just lovely ;)