Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sewing with Jane LaFazio

I spent a luxurious afternoon
making Recycled Circles
with Jane LaFazio....
well, with her new DVD

I started by clearing the decks.

I have a really bad habit of hanging
almost everything I own
on my design wall.
Now it's cleaned off and ready for the new project,
with no distractions!

Here's my first quarter 
of my first square

In her DVD, Jane said
she had learned that some people
 cannot draw arcs....
I believe I'm one of those people!
I'm working hard to change.

My first block:

After looking at it for a while,
I decided the lower left block
was a bit weak,
so I changed an arc.

It's getting there.
Nothing is fused -
that's the beauty of using Steam-a Seam 2 Lite -
things stick but aren't fused down
until you iron them in place.

Thanks for a great DVD, Jane.
I really enjoyed our afternoon together!

as always: peace to you!


Jane LaFazio said...

how totally fun!! and I love the shot of me on your TV! can I post it on my blog and facebook?? and big thanks for the shout out. Your recycled circles is looking fabulous!

Eva said...

Great effect. You don't need to draw a perfect arc, I think they are even better as free lines. Remind me a bit of the Delaunays.

Jeannie said...

I love what you are making. The fabrics is so happy! I wasn't able to post last night due to power outage (grrr!), but I had just read the post and thought about how fun the squares are. Maggie will love it!