Thursday, May 23, 2013

More Gelli Please!

You know that I love my
Gelli Print Plates, right?
Well, imagine how excited I was
when I read that Carla Sonheim was offering a
Printmaking Class using the Gelli Print Plate online!
I must thank my good buddy Connie Rose
for blogging about the class and
so freely sharing the info.
(Connie is always managing to get me into trouble!  LOL)
Anyway, I'm late getting started -
I'm sure that does not surprise you! -
but the class is available online anytime,
once you get yourself registered.
(and you can check out Connie's beautiful 
results on her blog)

So, here are a few of my first prints.
I will build on these over the next several classes,
but am already extremely pleased with these results.
The layering is so darned cool!

It had not dawned on me to use the
Gelli Print Plate in this way,
and I am loving it!

And since I cannot bear to waste even one smidgeon of paint,
I've put my sketchbook to good use here:

Have I told you that our daughter and her family
moved into their new (to them) home last weekend?
(They've gone from a house built in the 1890s
to one that was built after 2001!)
All went extremely smoothly,
and they are in love with their new home.
C and I alternated between
playing with Charlie,
bouncing baby Maggie on our knees,
and unpacking boxes.
While doing the latter,
it occurred to me that there had to be a use
for all of the packing paper that was being 
thrown away...such a waste!
So...I took two large boxes home with us.
Some of the paper in the dish packs 
had a waxy coating on one side,
and I wondered how that would work for printing...
well, here you have it:

I was cleaning off the edges of my brayer,
adding a bit of water,
and printing away.
(The white areas are the result
of the paper being crumpled.)
crumpled.....hmmmm, is that a word?


Pixie said...

delurking after a long long while to say I LOVE them. LOVE!

Connie Rose said...

I'm lovin' these prints, Judy! And thanks for the nod. xoxo

Jeannie said...

Judy, these papers are outstanding! I love the layers and a hint of softness. Fantastic!

Quilt or Dye said...

Yep, I learned about the class from Connie too. Maybe she should get a commission from Carla! You can go to my blog to see my results but I have to say that I like yours better.

Carol said...

Crumpled is most certainly a word - and your crumpled papers look wonderful. This class is producing some marvellous results for you, love them!