Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Discharge

I spent about 8 hours discharging yesterday...
and some pieces are still in the works!
The pieces I'm showing you here 
are all my own hand-dyed linen,
which I have discharged used Jacquard's Discharge Paste,
and leaves from around my yard.
Above is some type of oak.

I think the best news I have is that
this discharge paste is at least 6 years old,
and it still works beautifully!

Most of these are dinner napkins,
primarily for us,
as we do not use paper.

(actually, above is a scrap of fabric
that I was using as a test)

I love this grape leaf:

This is a Winged Gum:

Another scrap of linen:

The leaf on the left was discharged while I was at Arrowmont,
using print paste with Thiox added,
while the one on the right was done here at home
using Jacquard's Discharge Paste.
It took a while, but eventually
the leaf on the right also turned that lovely turquoise.

I also played around with a Thiox bath yesterday,
and was using up some old Thiox -
hey, why throw it away if it still works?
The results look good,
so I hope to share those in a day or two.

Thanks for dropping by!

Peace to you!


Jeannie said...

Yum! I love leaf prints. Grape leaves are fantastic for sun prints too. Have fun!

Quilt or Dye said...

Lovely napkins!

Maggi said...

I really like the texture that you get with discharging the linen. Just discovered that my Jacquard's is still working too. Good stuff.

Carol said...

Very, very nice! Gorgeous for napkins.