Friday, June 28, 2013

The Bag Lady

One of the nice things about celebrating birthdays
is receiving goodies in the mail!
I think my friend Jeannie was trying to tell me something....
perhaps that I'm an 'old bag'
or that I'm a bag lady?
Well, I don't mind a bit
when the above bag is included in amongst my goodies!
The image above is a bit blurry,
so here are a few more shots,
just so you can turn green with envy!
(don't drool on the goods, please!)

The entire bag is hand stitched/quilted.
I am in awe of it,
and I'm humbled by it!

I adore the little lady bug on the leaves.
I know that much of the fabric is Jeannie's
own creation, as are the embroidery threads.
The buttons are also vintage.
Such a special gift!

This is the back of the bag:

and look at the great beads and charms,
 dangling oh so charmingly from its corners.

I have decided to house my handwork in this bag -
using it as inspiration.

Another bag included in amongst my goodies is this one: 

a t-shirt bag!
I am very fond of these guys.
I don't like to keep my knitting projects in plastic bags,
and so I am now using t-shirt bags!

More about my knitting adventures tomorrow.

Oh, and I haven't given up on discharging.
I've had many a play day in the studio,
but am not ready to share a lot
until I have some projects well underway.
I'm having a good bit of fun with it,
and am so thankful that I was able to 
take that great class
with a bunch of awesome classmates,
and our fantastic teacher,
Elin Noble.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you have a great weekend.

If you are here in the States and
heading out to celebrate July 4th,
have a safe and happy holiday.



Carol said...

That is a most gorgeous bag, what a lovely gift. The t-shirt bag is also a winner! You lucky girl - certainly not an old bag!

Jeannie said...

You will never be a "bag lady" to me. :) I am so happy you like your bag. I am even happier that you are having fun. Playtime isn't just for kids anymore. xoxo