Monday, June 03, 2013

Works in Progress

I've finally gotten started on 
the third piece in my 
Letters Home series.
Boy, it's been a long time
in the planning stages.
Every time I thought I was 
set to start,
a family crisis occurred or
I thought of another angle 
from which I could approach this piece!

Above and below are a couple of teaser shots.

I've added a fourth layer of soy wax
and more dye

and the two pieces are batching now.
I hope I will have time to wash them out tomorrow.
If not, Wednesday is another day...

Thanks for dropping by!



Nat Palaskas said...

these are interesting! Can't wait to see more. Love that vivid yellow! Hugs

Jeannie said...

Wow! Loverly cloths! The dark one is dramatic! Looking forward to watching the progress on this. I love the theme of this series. xo

Lisa Kerpoe said...

These are beautiful! Are you using real leaves to get the imagery?

Peggy said...

I'm intrigued! It's going to be wonderful. xx

Carol said...

Stunning! Wonderful colours - look forward to more...