Monday, July 01, 2013

Rainy Day Fun

I'm playing around with a couple of 
'new to me' techniques
out in the dye studio.
Above is a section of Rainy Day Play.
Bodacious Blooms 
on a rainy afternoon in Georgia.
Procion MX dyes on silk and cotton.

I've been seeing this little girl
early in the morning
as I enjoy my breakfast:

Yesterday she showed up right after lunch,
and then again after dinner.
I'm hoping she isn't in our yard for her meals!
 Bosco, our 2-year old Standard Poodle,
just happened to be outside after dinner,
and took off after her as soon as he saw her.
(Barker, our 10-year old has never been interested
in deer, even when he was 2!)
Bosco would chase her to the  edge of our lawn
and then return to our patio,
but wouldn't allow me to bring him inside....
and she kept returning.
It was quite a show,
going on for about 20 minutes.
I realized that she must have had a fawn
somewhere closeby.
Eventually Bosco relented and came inside.
The deer has not been sighted since.

Thanks for dropping by!



Peggy said...

Those patterns and colors are bedazzling! How cool that you made them, you are good, lady. xo

Jeannie said...

I love the bodacious flowers! They make me happy. :) What a beautiful little deer. It is a challenge to decide if having a deer is worth loosing the greenery in the yard. Have fun tomorrow and everyday there after!

Rayna said...

A technique new to you? Didn't think there was one - LOL.
Hate those deer, as pretty as they are. They ate all my daylilies:-(((((

Maggi said...

Definitely happy flowers. Such a sweet deer, nothing quite as big as that appears in our gardens!

Carol said...

Your flowers look scrummy and I'm sure you had a lot of fun with them. As for the deer, how gorgeous! Suzy saw a huge stag, antlers and all in the National Park (where she lives) one night - her great fear is having one dash out onto the road in front of her. Introduced here of course, and not too popular, but they do look lovely when they appear and disappear in the undergrowth.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious! Did you paint the flowers with the dye? Your work is beautiful!
~June in AZ