Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sacred Threads: A Moving Day

We flew up to DC this morning
in order to see the Sacred Threads Exhibit.

This is my first 'national exhibit'
so pardon my excitement.
I am so honored to be a part of this great show
....and in the company of such celebrated artists!
That is my piece, 'Second Stage' on the far left.

The show, at the Floris United Methodist Church,
 was hung beautifully
and this space has a very reverential feeling about it,
with sacred and moving music playing in the background.
Most pieces have an audio clip by the artist
accompanying them,
which is such a boon to the viewer.
I was very glad that we were there at a quiet time, 
so that we could view the pieces 
at our own pace,
and without a lot of competition.

My friend Gerrie Congdon 
also has a piece in this show.
Her piece, "High Desert Aspen"
is in the Inspiration category,
and is in the center of the three above.

I love Larken Van Horn's "Pentecost":

...a great interpretation!

I am looking forward to meeting
cyber friend, Merrilee.
She has a marvelous piece in the show:

"Broken Promises"

It relates to the untimely death of not only her husband
but also her dear daughter.
It is a very moving piece.

Below is a very poor image of the lovely piece by 
Karen Musgrave:
"Glimpses of the Dark Angel".

Karen quotes Thomas Mann concerning depression:
"has its own angel, a guiding spirit, 
whose job it is to carry
the soul away to remote places 
where it finds unique insights and enjoys a special vision."

Having experienced periods of sadness of my own,
I could totally relate to Karen's most 
wonderful work.

This is another favorite,
"Winter Came Too Soon"
by Sharon Collins:

Collins speaks of untimely deaths,
which always weigh too heavily
on all of our hearts.

We also visited the Air and Space Museum
in Chantilly, VA.
It is an expansion of the Smithsonian's
original Air & Space Museum in DC.
It was incredible.
We both loved it,
and really wished that our 
2-year-old Charlie
had been with us....
next time, Charlie!

I plan to share more photos tomorrow...

thanks for dropping by!

peace to you!


Karen S Musgrave said...

I cannot tell you how it means to me that my quilt touched you. Thank you.

Nina Marie said...

We drove in today - through the thunderstorms!!! Going to the National Gallery tomorrow and holding out the see the show on Saturday - C Y There!!

Gerrie said...

thank you so much for these photos. I love seeing the variety of work and the lovely stories that go with them. Wish I could see it all in person.

Maggi said...

I do wish that I could see this exhibition. Thank you for sharing some of the art and the moving stories behind the pieces.

Jeannie said...

Wow! First congratulations! What an amazing show. There isn't a piece that you shared that I haven't wanted to see more. Karen Musgrave's piece is so very moving and Sharon Collins captured winter in my climate (with a touch more color). Beautiful!

Carol said...

Judy, these are wonderful images of really magnificent works. How delightful to see you and Gerrie represented there. You tell the story so well, so movingly. Congratulations, my friend. xox

Marjo Stoeckart-van den Bor said...

It looks like a great show, please will you show your quilt from right in front and tell about it I am very curious.

Karoda said...

Congratulations on being in this show!