Thursday, August 01, 2013

Art Date in the City

Terrible photo, I know,
but the sign outside the High Museum
flips between advertisements for all of the
Woodruff Arts Center,
so I had to shoot quickly.

What a lovely summer day in Atlanta!
We walked from our little condo
up Peachtree Street
to the High Museum
to see the fabulous
"Girl with a Pearl Earring" exhibit.
We had seen Vermeer's wonderful piece
years ago at the 
National Gallery, but of course 
we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see it
one more time!

The show is terrific,
with lots of paintings on loan from 
the Mauritshuis at The Haigue.
If you go, be sure to get the audio package,
because there's lots to hear!

Did I mention that we walked up Peachtree?

You've gotta love the policewomen
on horseback!

We enjoyed a lovely lunch 
on the outdoor patio at Lure.

We shared the Smoked Trout Salad

and the Mussels with Pomme Frites

We were not disappointed in anything!

On our way home,
we stopped in at CB2,
just to browse,
and then passed by Bella Cucina.
I love their mural:

This afternoon we walked to
Midtown Arts to see
Craig really wanted to see it,
but knew that I wasn't much for violent films.
I covered my eyes at the beginning,
and had to leave before it was over -
he departed with me.
The middle of the movie was very good,
but of course,
if you know the story - and it's not a story -
it is extremely sad.

I've done a bit more
reverse applique this evening.
It's difficult to determine which is which here:

All in all a very fun day in the City!

thanks for dropping by!

peace to you!


Jeannie said...

What a fabulous day! I love Vermeer. I think marrying into a Dutch family, that is required. We had a print of the Milkmaid hanging in the kitchen for years until I added a cupboard. Lunch looked so tasty! I need a trip to Seattle for some fresh seafood. I am so in like with you reverse applique. Have a happy!

Lora Martin said...

Thanks for sharing your day in the city with us. That Bella Cucina mural is mouthwatering!

I got to see Woman in Blue Reading a Letter by Vermeer at the Getty Center earlier this year. It was wonderful and frustrating since there were so many people trying to see it and it is so small.

Right there with you on Fruitvale Station. Saw some footage (including the murder scene) on a television interview with the film maker and I was devastated. We have a friend who insists that it is a "must see", but I'm certain I can't take it.

Maggi said...

Sounds like you had a good day. I'm not one for those kind of films either. I like the way that you have echoed the reverse appliqué in the printed shapes.