Friday, August 30, 2013

Doodling Along

As I was checking my emails on Wednesday morning,
I found one from Interweave Press, advertising their
"Gifts" edition for the coming Holiday season.
Since I could upload it to my iPad,
and because I was spending about four hours 
having a chemotherapy infusion,
I could easily justify this 
impulse purchase.
Susie Monday's article on
"iPad designed Stars and Snowflakes"
immediately caught my attention
as I reclined in my comfy chair and
chemicals dripped into my system.
All I needed was the 
Doodle Dandy app on my iPad....
which of course I did not have - at that time!
I did upload the app yesterday
(and it is FREE!!!)
and had a bit of fun playing around with it last evening.

Above is one little doodle that I accomplished
in the waiting room at my Oncologist's office.
It sort of reminds me of a rose window.

This was my very first doodle,
which, to me, looks like a big fluffy white bow:

And here are some snowflakes:

another flower:

I was frustrated because I couldn't make perfect lines.
Sometimes my fingertips drew well,
but at other times,
they were lacking.
While napping and dozing a bit last evening,
I thought that perhaps a stylus
would enable me to make more accurate 
I wanted to make designs that I could use 
for Thermofax screens.

This is the first one:

(the little dark blobs at the bottom 
are where I didn't totally paint in the white background
before I began doodling in black)

I really like this one,
and it was so simple to accomplish!

So, if you like to doodle like I do,
perhaps you should consider reading 
Susie Monday's article in the new
Interweave Gifts magazine
and then upload the app to your iPad...
it's Free and it's Fun!

thanks for stopping by!

If you are here in the States,
have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!

peace to you dear reader!


komodori said...

Creativity during chemo is double therapy---good for you! I really like your doodlin' designs. Good work this week, MB! Love and hugs! XR

Connie Rose said...

No iPad here...and I love what you're doing with it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, hope you're feeling as good as you can. xoxo

Jeannie said...

Doodling Queen! We'll have to see if the Who will put that to music for you. (They did Pinball Wizard, didn't they?) That does look like fun! Another reason for me to invest in a smart phone. LOL! Keep doodling and having fun! Happy weekend to you, too. xoxo

Peggy said...

Looks sort of like what the designers do on Project Runway. I can see it'd be addictive. Wishing you a nice weekend. xo

Terry Grant said...

Definitely try a stylus! You can order them from Amazon cheap! I actually have several. Some cheap ones and one expensive one. The expensive one is nicer looking and has a sweet little dangle on the end, but it works no better than the cheap ones. Go for the cheap ones!

Maggi said...

Glad you found something to distract you. I have several drawing apps and don't get on too well with them. It sounds like I need to try out a stylus. I like the idea of making drawings to transfer to a thermofax screen.