Sunday, August 04, 2013

Sunday's Yarns

So here's my knitting week in review:
I've picked up the Honey Cowl again,
and am loving knitting on it!

It's just so easy!!!

As you can see, my Stones & Stripes Shawl
is coming along....
slowly -
but it is coming along!

I love knitting it,
but don't always have the time.

And this is the other mindless cowl
that has grabbed my free knitting time:

The Manic Panic Cowl.

I am using leftover sock yarn,
which can make for an interesting mix.
My photo is poor,
the red/orange/yellow blend is my own dye job,
and it is far more vibrant
than it appears above.
The contrast between it and the lovely blue/green blend
is really nice.  
Maybe next week I can snap a better image.
This cowl uses the linen stitch,
and it is very dense
and extremely addictive.

Once I finish the Honey Cowl,
I am planning to start another pair of socks...
I need some leftover sock yarn
for my Manic Panic Cowl!  LOL

Any suggestions on toe-up sock patterns?
I'm all ears.
I need something relatively mindless -
and very portable,
as we will be traveling.

* I look forward to your suggestions. *

thanks for dropping by

peace to you!


Jeannie said...

I could send you the sock yarn that I have purchased and have yet to knit into socks. :)

Maggi said...

What a great name Manic Panic is. No suggestions for toe up socks I'm afraid, all my attempts to knit socks turn into disasters.

Peggy said...

Judy! Love the honey cowl, the stones & stripes is grand, and the other cowl using leftover yarn is a great idea. I know what you mean about time, especially when a person needs to focus on a pattern. It's a big club we're in, eh? ;) xo