Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday's Yarns

I am pleased to tell you 
that I actually finished knitting something
this past week!
The Honey Cowl is complete.
One Christmas gift is finished.

The photos with the pattern
show the cowl worn as below,
but I think I like it as pictured above.
What do you think?

I'm a great one for snagging rings, earrings, etc
on knitted garments,
and I think the more loopy one (directly above)
would be inclined to snagging.
But that is just me.
It's nice to have the option to wear it either way.

I've made great strides with Stones & Stripes
as well:

I'm a bit frustrated with the nupps -
I can execute them fairly well for the most part,
but they don't show up as well as they ought to -
for all of the effort I put into them!
Perhaps when the shawl is finished and blocked,
they will puff out a bit.

As a reward for finishing the Honey Cowl,
I started a pair of vanilla socks:

This yarn just so happened to be in my stash.
It is Lorna's Laces
The Cat's Aha
Bullfrogs & Butterflies.
It's named for Cat Bordhi, 
because she proposed that a yarn be made 
in a lot of different colors
so that one could easily learn techniques.
You can read more about it here.
I bought it because I love the colors.
It is worsted weight, but I am knitting my socks 
on US 2.5 needles - a bit weird, but that's me!
I may do an afterthought heel or 
Cat's Sweet Tomato Heel - haven't decided yet.

The Manic Panic Cowl has been put on the back burner,
as I need more contrasting sock yarn 
in order to continue.
Of course, the Cat's Aha does not fit the bill...
but there is more sock yarn on the way -
never fear!

Now here comes a bit of fun - or trouble,
depending on how you like your glass:
half full or half empty.
I'm a huge Alana Dakos fan,
and discovered that she has designed
some new fingerless mitts: Verdure Mitts.
I knew I had to have the pattern
as soon as I saw them on her blog...
and then of course I had to order the yarn as well...
but in a slightly different color way.
So those may go on my needles next - not sure.
I love the vine running up the back of the hand,
don't you?

Also....I came across Hannah Fettig's Sycamore Vest pattern,
and felt compelled to purchase it.
Ever since Fettig and Dakos teamed up
to write Coastal Knits,
I've loved both ladies
and cannot get enough of either's designs!
I do not have yarn for this vest yet...
but it won't be long!

hope you've had a great weekend
thanks for stopping by

peace to you...
and happy knitting, if you do!


Jeannie said...

Oh, I love those mitts! I'll let you go first and tell me how hard they are to knit. :) For what it is worth, I like the second colorway on the cowl. I think there is more blue? If your ears have been burning or your nose itching today it is because I have been saying your name over and over again. As in, "why doesn't Judy live next door" or "Judy could show me what I am doing wrong". Yes, I am knitting. Well, I have cast on and knit one row, then start again. I am trying to knit toe up baby socks. Argh!!! The kid will be 15 before I figure this out. Off to watch videos again, sans wine in the hopes it will click. LOL!

Carol said...

I love the mitts too! But I do have a difference of opinion on the cowl. I like the first colourway. I'm very impressed, as usual, with your knitting skills. The yarn for the socks is very pretty; but I really want to see you make that gorgeous vest. I love the neckline. You clever thing... xox

Maggi said...

Oh so many lovely things. I like the cowl both ways and I just love the way that the blue sweeps across the socks, just as if you have painted it. I should thank you for the links as the vest is gorgeous and Coastal knits is so tempting but I think that you may be encouraging me to get knitting again and I'm not sure whether that is a good thing. At least I manage with vests etc better than I do with socks. The fingerless mitts have a wonderful pattern on them too.