Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Morning on the Farm

Our friend Kathy has a glorious horse farm
a little bit north of us,
and she very kindly offered to let 
Charlie ride her pony.
Kathy breeds Arabians as a business -
she is very serious about her horses.

She has recently battled cancer,
has undergone surgery,
and is now in the midst of chemotherapy.
She is remarkable!
Her lovely pony, Zion, is in the center of my photo.
Zion has 'taught' all of Kathy's grandchildren how to ride.
Today was Charlie's turn.

What an honor and privilege!
Charlie had his first pony ride
two weeks ago,
in a saddle.
Today he was bareback!
He was a bit leery,
but did fine!

He also loved playing in the rolls of hay!

.....and on the farm Polaris!

We had a fine morning
just playing around on the farm!

thanks for dropping by

peace to you!


Jeannie said...

What a beautiful day you two had. :) There is nothing better than one's first pony ride and being at a farm. Gorgeous horses, by the way. Hugs to all.

Maggi said...

It certainly looks like Charlie enjoyed himself. What a beautiful setting.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What a nice morning with Charlie ;)


Connie Rose said...

How sweet!

Peggy said...

You wove up a magical day, dear Judy! xo

Beverly said...

Looks like a wonderful day for all of you!

Carol said...

What a magnificent property! Lucky Charlie to have this opportunity to get to know horses. Your friend sounds like she's as amazing as you are, Judy.