Monday, September 16, 2013

Ah Greenville!

Greenville, SC is one of our favorite little
The people are so friendly,
the downtown area has been totally refurbished,
and the restaurants are fantastic.
Above is a view of the Reedy River,
which runs right through downtown.
Here's another shot:

The Swamp Rabbit Trail
runs right along the river,
through downtown,
and then heads north towards Furman.
It is our favorite morning walk.
The wildflowers along the trail
were incredible this morning,
I think in part because the entire southeast
enjoyed so much rain this past summer.

It was a deliciously cool morning and so
we walked several miles,
encountering other walkers,
runners, and cyclers.

......and the occasional train

We actually had to stop for about five minutes,
as a large freight train was blocking the trail.
That had never happened to us before
when walking the trail,
but it gave me more time to take flower pictures!

As we walked back to our hotel,
we passed Brew and Ewe,
a cute little coffee and knitted goods shop.
We have enjoyed breakfast there on previous 
stays in Greenville.
I noticed they had some lovely felted wool hats in the window.
After I'd showered, I returned
and I came home with this lovely cloche

I understand from friends who have lost their hair
during chemo, that one's head becomes very cold-sensitive...
so I am stocking up on head coverings of all sorts.
(you can also see one of my wigs on the form)
This is the hatband

pretty, isn't it!

I guess my hat really isn't a cloche,
come to think of it,
as cloches don't roll up at the end.
Well, it's lovely anyway,
and the color is perfect for me!!

thanks for stopping by!

peace to you!


Jeannie said...

We flew in the Greenville one time and I really wanted to return (alone) to investigate. The walkway looks so inviting. I am absolutely in love with your new hat!!! The band is beautiful and I love the color. I also love the name of the shop. :) Have fun!

Maggi said...

What a lovely place to be able to take a walk. The hat is gorgeous and the band is so pretty. I enjoyed seeing the graffiti on the side of the train.

komodori said...

What a great day! And cloche means 'bell', so with the shape of that hat I think you're literally covered---the bell is belle!
I'm enjoying rediscovering all the wildflowers on my morning walks with Emma as well. The bell is belle and all is well. xoxox

Carol said...

What a lovely place! Flowers are pretty, what framing app is that, Judy? I like it. And I like your hat, great colour and it will really suit you. You're really taking this experience with style and aplomb!