Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Last Week's Yarns

I am more than pleased to say that I have 
my Trail Jacket!
Yes, the ends are woven in,
the buttons are on,
and it has been blocked!
I cannot tell you how long it has sat on my work table
waiting for those final steps!

The GA Tech-themed scarf
for my son-in-law is coming along nicely:

It's time to wind another skein of yarn,
so that I can keep knitting.
I like really long scarves, 
don't you?

Stones & Stripes is coming along too.
I missed knitting on it yesterday.
I opted to bake a cake in that 
normally-knitting segment of the day,
so I'll have to make up for it and
knit four rows - at least - today!

.....and then there's my vanilla socks:

I knit about an inch on them during my chemo infusion
last Wednesday.
I had hoped to do more,
but totally got side-tracked with FaceBook!
It's so nice to have contact with friends
worldwide at one's fingertips......
especially during times of high anxiety!

And now here's the new girl on the block,

I know I've written about it before,
so excuse me for repeating,
but I just love it!
arrived in the mail the other day,
and I was instantly in love:

It is 50% merino,
20% cotton,
15% soya
15% linen.
The color varies a bit, as does the texture,
and it is easy on both the hands and the eyes.

I knit this swatch up last Friday evening:

normally my knitting is right on gauge,
but this time it is a bit big.
I purchased some smaller needles, 
but then thought that with the upcoming change in 
my chest measurement,
I would consult my knitting group 
as to the appropriate size to knit.....
so that will happen tomorrow. 
Since I love to knit,
I don't mind knitting another swatch -
but since I love this yarn sooooo much,
I do want to make sure I knit a vest that I
can wear comfortably for many years!

So that's all that's in my bag this week....
how 'bout sharing what's on your needles?????

thanks for dropping by!

peace to you dear reader!


Connie Rose said...

Awesome knits, Judy! Love that new vest pattern. Glad to see you've got so much energy and are getting so much accomplished. You rock! xoxo

Jeannie said...

Your sweater is gorgeous!!! You don't know how much I admire those who knit beautifully. The vest looks very cute and that yarn!!! OMG! I love that color. I have got to quit looking at patterns and yarn or I am going to become one of those women who has a house filled with supplies and rarely knits! :)

deanna7trees said...

fabulous sweater. looks like you're making progress on all fronts.

Maggi said...

You really are not slowing down are you :) I love the Trail Jacket and the colour of the yarn for the vest. And I hate short scarves so keep going.