Monday, September 09, 2013

Monday's Yarns

My Sycamore Vest
is my 'go to' knitting at the moment!
Once Dr. Sock helped me figure out
my gauge,
I cast-on and am totally addicted!
Here's a pretty poor shot of it,
but you can at least get the idea.

I love, love, love the yarn:
Fibre Company Savannah -
it is so organic!
Here's a detail shot:

The yarn colorway is "marigold" -
my photos do not do it justice.

Here's my Stones & Stripes Shawl:

coming along slowly but surely, row by row!

And the mindless scarf is growing:

Yesterday was a glorious day,
and our daughter and her family
spent most of the here eating and 'swimming'.
We had a great time!
Maggie loves the water 
and eagerly splashes and even puts her little face
right down into the pool.
Charlie, at almost three,
won't smile for the camera anymore,
but is doing fairly well with his swimming.

Maggie was checking out Barker,
and in the meantime,
Bosco was checking out Maggie!

thanks for stopping by!

peace to you gentle reader!!


Jeannie said...

Maggie looks like she is doing some gospel singing for the boys. :) Your knitting is gorgeous!!!!! I love the marigold yarn. It reminds me of the varigated corn that is in season right now. The shawl is really zooming along. I'm dizzy just thinking about keeping the patterns straight. Have a good one! xoxo

Nanette said...

Laughed to see Bosco checking out Maggie, I pictured the next instant when she felt warm doggie breath and turned, there they'd be, nose to nose. Lovely.

Your marigold knitting is gorgeous.

Maggi said...

Lovely to see how the knitting is coming on and the happy shots of your family.