Tuesday, October 22, 2013

On my needles

I finally finished Maggie's hat!
I love the cute little flower, don't you?
I can't wait to see it on her.
The button is black jet
that I found in an antique shop in New Hampshire,
years and years ago -
long before Maggie was even thought of!
Come to think of it, 
her Mommy may have still been in high school!

Now these are pretty strange looking socks, right?

But you know what?
They fit beautifully!!
....and they are so very warm!
Somehow I screwed up the afterthought heal
on the sock on the right.
I got it right on the second sock (on the left) -
second time is a charm, right?
I like crazy socks - and these definitely qualify!!
(These are my chemo socks:
I have knit them almost totally during chemo,
and the nurses will be so excited to see them
when I go for my next infusion!)

And here is my Sycamore vest:

It is really coming along!
I love knitting on it,
and am so excited about wearing it this winter!
Vests are great -
they allow ones arms to be free,
while keeping the core nice and toasty warm.

thanks for stopping by!

peace to you and yours!!!


Jeannie said...

I love Maggie's hat and the flower turned out wonderfully. I've never knitted flowers, only crochet. Your socks are fantastic!!!!!! They would perk anybody. You are a speed knitter. :) Have a wonderful evening. xoxo

Connie Rose said...

Great knitting works! Every time I read one of your posts about knitting I think about getting mine out again -- it's been about a year since I last knit -- and finally finishing that hand dyed, hand spun silk scarf I'm working on! Have a wonderful rest of the week. xoxo

Maggi said...

Maggie is going to look so lovely in that hat.

Your socks are great and you really are getting on so well with the vest. At the current rate of progress, I can see it being spring before I get that far on mine

Carol said...

Wow, you're a demon knitter! I know now how cute Maggie looks in her hat! I'm travelling backwards in time, takes away the element of surprise but I still love checking out your blog!