Thursday, October 31, 2013

Postman x 2, Florist x 1!

Two days ago, our postmistress
met me at the door with a large package 
from Jeannie!
If you don't know Jeannie,
I apologize!
She is the best!
She gives the most incredible gifts!
I feel so fortunate and humbled
to be one of her many, many friends!
First, check out the caps!
These are caps that I rarely take off my head
these days...unless I put on Gerrie's!  LOL
They are so utterly soft, they fit just right,
they are warm, and they make me so happy!
I do believe I will wear all of these caps next winter
 even when Charlie assures me I will have hair!

There were also three chocolate bars 
in the box.
(You may notice that one has been opened...
oh, yumm, so good!)

And there are dried apricots and Nectarines...
something we don't see too much of
in our part of the country!

.............and yarn!
Oh my goodness!!!!

I cannot wait to get to work with this yarn!

.....and books:

the book in the back is a journal,
and the small rectangles to the right
are packets with stickers 
and bookmarks!
I've already devoured half of the 
Journaling book!

There was also a wonderful package of
almonds with sea salt and dried cranberries.....
notice the operative word 'was'....
they're gone!
There is a comical (in retrospect) story
about this package....
the moral to the story is,
don't eat the entire package in 5 minutes!
You will get a terrific tummy ache!
Why did it take me 63 years to learn this?
I just don't know!!

Yesterday, when I got to knitting
my friend Bernice presented me with a Priority Mail box 
from her sister Gail,
who lives in Mobile, AL.
Now I do not know Gail,
have never laid eyes on her,
nor have we corresponded.
But out of the kindness of her heart,
she knit me this wonderful Prayer Shawl:

Gail's church,
Dauphin Way United Methodist Church, Mobile, AL
has a Prayer Shawl Ministry called
"Covered in Prayer".
Gail checked with her sister, 
my friend, Bernice,
and knew that I liked bright colors,
so she knit it accordingly.
Isn't it wonderful!!!!
I wore it today during chemo #4,
and it is very nice and warm!!
Thank you, Gail & Bernice!

OK, now I've got to show you this

look how well the colors in the chemo cap
and the shawl go together!!!
One from the far northwest
and the other from the far southeast!!
...and they've never met,
and I've never met them face to face!
I have some incredible friends out there!

I thank you both from the very bottom of my heart!!

And one last thing before I quit

this lovely bouquet arrived today
from my very best beau!!
Isn't he the greatest!!!
I couldn't ask for a better man in my life!
Thank you Sweetheart...
even though you don't read my blog!

thanks for stopping by

peace to you and yours!


Connie Rose said...

Wow, what a fabulous haul! I bet it almost makes getting cancer worth it, huh? -- NOT! Love you!

Jeannie said...

We all love you so much, Judy and want to make this journey as stress free as possible. I regret not putting a warning on the nuts. LOL!!! It is wonderful that the hat and shawl play nicely together. And, what a beautiful shawl it is. Wrap yourself in the love that was put into each stitch. xoxo

tiedyejudy said...

What lovely friends and gifts! Now
I'm going to have to find a pattern for a prayer shawl... that looks like something even I could knit! Wrap yourself in the love and warmth, and hopefully soon the treatment will be over and your healing will continue to blossom and grow!

inge said...

so glad that you've been dpoiled that way ... strenght with the chemo !

yvette said...

hubs don't read blogs..
good to be spoilt in this time!

love and strength

Maggi said...

I'm so glad that you are being so spoilt. You deserve it for reminding the rest of us that it's OK to be upbeat, whatever life throws at you.