Saturday, November 16, 2013

Doing Away with Chemotherapy through knitting?

I was listening to the Knitmore Girls Podcast
the other day as I was working
on my wire sculptures.
They reviewed a new Cat Bordhi book

and my ears perked up when they said
that ALL of the proceeds from the sale of this book
go to funding research and test trials
for a new method of treating cancer.
This method would do away with chemotherapy!!
Can you imagine??
Without belaboring the point,
I will say that chemotherapy is not the most fun party
I've ever been to!
I am very active and think of myself as being 
physically fit,
and yet this treatment has laid me low.
I know it is only temporary,
and I will do anything to obliterate the 
cancer cells from my body,
but it is not fun.
The new form of treatment involves taking
some of the body's own cancer-fighting t-cells
and growing many, many more of them in a laboratory setting,
then reinstalling them into the body of the cancer patient.
No hair loss, no nausea, no killing of good cells 
in order to kill the bad cells.
I urge you to purchase this book -
it's only $20 -
and the cause is so well worth it.
You can read much more about the treatment on Cat's website,
and you can listen to an interview with Cat

Cat Bordhi has a way with knitting needles
and techniques.
She makes the most intricate directions 
And she designs wonderful things -
the newest example being her FELFS:
felted footwear for families.

I can't wait to get yarn 
and begin knitting Felfs for my entire family.
Cat even provides a source for Felf soles,
if you so desire.

So please check this out,
and do your part to obliterate the need for
God forbid you or someone you dearly love
is required to endure this hideous treatment.

I'm off to order yarn for my first pair of Felfs!

thanks for stopping by

peace to you and yours!


Connie Rose said...

These are adorable. I wish wool didn't make me itch! Glad you're having a good weekend. xoxo

Diane said...

I immediately thought of you when I heard the podcast and I will be adding this book to my collection. As always, I continue to admire you!

Maggi said...

What an amazing project. Any cancer treatment that does away with the invasive effects of chemo has to be welcomed. I do hope that their trials prove to be successful.

I have just downloaded the book and can't wait to make myself a pair.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful to hear. I use my crochet and knitting time as a form of chronic pain control. My stitching time helps me to focus away from the pain, and move forward mindfully.
I enjoy your blog very much, and it lifts my spirits. I think you have created your own therapy. Happy Sunday to you!