Saturday, January 04, 2014

I've been Sockupied

I'm so in love with my new socks,
I can hardly stand it!
I finished the meandering cable sock last night -
and by that I mean the afterthought heel
weaving in all of the loose ends:

This morning I got busy with its not-so-twin
of a partner.
I had only the afterthought heel to knit.
Oh dear, I don't have a photo of it solo
(can you tell it's not my favorite?).
Anyway, it's the one on the right below
(or the one on my left foot).

It is simply ribbed - I think it's a 4K/1P rib.
It's a fine sock, but I love the meandering cable sock!
Ah, here's a better photo of the ribbed sock:

and here they are side by side:

As you have probably figured out,
it matters not to me if my socks don't match!
I think it's more fun when they don't…
keeps people guessing!

The yarn is KnitPick's
Stroll Fingering
in the Cartoons Hand-Painted colorway.
I like how Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off
looks at the top of the leg, don't you?

My preference is to knit my socks toe-up,
and knit an afterthought heel.
I'm finally getting comfortable with 
my personal formula.

Thanks for popping in!

Peace to you and yours!


Carol said...

Yay! New socks! Love them both - viva la difference! xox

deanna7trees said...

they are both fabulous. i love that they don't match.

Jeannie said...

Your socks rock!!! I really like the cable you designed. Perhaps a tattoo continuing up the leg with that design? :)

diane said...

Your socks are magnificent!! I agree - the matching isn't important and it's not nearly so much fun to repeat the process. Love the color.

Maggi said...

Great socks.