Thursday, January 02, 2014

Out with the Old, In with the New!

My friend Jane LaFazio
shared this great photo app
last month on her blog:

It's a great way to look back 
at the previous month
and enjoy how you lived it.

Many of my friends are picking a word for 2014.
Frankly, I'm just so glad to have
behind me,
that I hadn't thought much about a word
until this morning.
Mine is STRENGTH……………….
what is yours?
I hope you'll leave a comment
and share it there.

Thanks for dropping by!

Peace to you and yours
throughout the coming year.


komodori said...

My word this year has to be adaptability. I know this year will be rife with transition, and the best way to deal with change is to be flexible.

I send you all my extra strength, dear Judy. I think it's going to be a most amazing year. Love you!


Maggi said...

I'm not going to have a word this year, just going with the flow.

Thinking of you and your strength in 2014.

Carol said...

Ill have to look at your calendar on my desk top, mini iPad a bit too small. I did choose a word but have already forgotten it, so that must have been meaningful. I like strength, for you, who has it and needs it, and for myself, who could do with a bit more of it. Sending love and thoughts of strength to you this week and for as long as it is needed. xox

tiedyejudy said...

My word for last year was "play", but I'm taking a page out of Connie's book this year, and just letting things happen. So much good has happened that it leaves me feeling a little overwhelmed at times. But I love the word you have chosen... you have come through a huge challenge, and I hope your strength continues, and that 2014 will be a much easier year for you!

Carol said...

I'm back! Yes, the photos are lovely and easy to see on the big screen. Love the one of you on the 28th. YOU are one cool woman. xox