Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow-Dyeing & Knitting in Snowy Georgia

This past Tuesday commenced my love affair with
snow dyeing.
One thing that I discovered was that I could throw
all that I had learned about dyeing out the window!
Dyes didn't mix very often, so when opposites collided
there was little to no
'muddy' color produced.
I am guessing that the snow keeps the dyes separate
long enough that when they reach the soda-soaked fabric
the color strikes almost immediately.
I don't know that for a fact,so if you know otherwise,
please do share!
Above is the corner of one of my pieces,
where the boysenberry dye from a piece of silk ran into
cotton, and made a glorious contrast
with the golden yellow dye.
I couldn't have planned that and realized those results
in a million years!

Here are some segments of the silk scarves
I was dyeing:

Here's one more corner of the cotton,
where the boysenberry escaped the silk
and migrated onto the cotton

I was so thrilled with these results
that I decided to dye more cotton the next day,
using my leftover dyes from my first session.
We had received even more snow,
so I just kept piling it onto the cotton,
and paid no attention to how I poured on my dyes.

Here's how the dyed snow looked before it melted:

It seemed to take forever for the snow to melt,
and perhaps that is another reason that my colors were so vivid.
My dye studio is in a separate building from our house,
and we keep the temp at about 45F when I'm not working there.
If I had been doing this in the house,
the snow would have melted more quickly at our normal 68F.

Here are results from my second day of snow dyeing:

These pieces of cotton are large,
probably 72 x 45" each,
and my plan is to make quilted table runners
and napkins from both pieces.
I want to share the glorious colors and designs
with our friends when they come
to dinner parties.

I was so hyped up about these results that
- you guessed it -
I dyed more the following day.
I used two shades of blue and a rust orange.
The results were equally as spectacular,
far better than I ever would have imagined.
I will share those pics another day.

As I mentioned, it took forever for the snow to melt,
so I had hours and hours to do other things!
I finished knitting my Catching Fish Socks!
I just love both the pattern and the yarn!

I also finished my Waffle Stitch Socks,
another comfy pair.

I've also been working on this fun knit:

This is another hat for Charlie (if it fits!).
The pattern is from Purl Soho
and it's called
The Little Fair Isle Hat.
Here's the pattern.
I love it so!!!
I enjoy knitting Fair Isle or stranded
(I think it's stranded, but they call it Fair Isle)
and don't do enough of it.
It's quite addicting
and I like the challenge of each new row.

Most of north Georgia was shut down both
Wednesday and Thursday due to the snow.

We're just not equipped to handle it,
as we usually go several years without even a single flake.
I enjoy the peace and solitude,
evenings in front of a fire with all of my boys,
and my knitting or a good book.
We are in Atlanta today,
and there are still piles of dirty snow 
on the sides of the streets.
I feel like I'm back in Boston!
We saw a fantastic play this afternoon 
at the Theatrical Outfit.
and it will be playing for another week.
If you're in the neighborhood,
you should see it - 
you won't be sorry! 

thanks for stopping by!

peace to you and yours!


Ginny Huber said...

Just "caught" these glorious snow dyeing images!! Boy, almost makes me wish for another snow day "down here" in the lowlands (shh..i didn't say would fun to try it..I wonder what would happen ith natural dye baths..not as vivid likely and needing mordants..but maybe.. sound alike the two yards of snow dyed cotton will make wonderful table runner and your ideas and colors !

Jeannie said...

Gorgeous results with the snow dyeing!!! I was wondering if I left the pan outside if the dye would strike. Thanks! I brought mine into a back room that is about 65 and it still took 4 hours to melt, but I piled about 6 inches of snow on top. Love the socks! And, Charlie's hat takes me back to the hats my G.Gram used to knit. Keep warm and dry! xoxo

Connie Rose said...

What gorgeous fabric you got!! Love all your knitting, too! xoxo

Tiggy Rawling said...

Absolutely stunning colours.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Ooh, what fabulous colors and patterns! I especially love the last one... very striking! Did you use dye concentrates or powder? I have only tried powder and had mixed results, but I'm always game to try again next time we get snow...

Maggi said...

I am drooling over your snow dyeing result. Interesting thought about the colours staying more separate with this method. I reckon too that you have enough socks to wear a different pair every day of winter:) Charlie's hat is looking good too.

I love the silence that snow creates. Always good to have the chance of that in our hectic world.

inge said...

wow for the snow dyeing ... that's a reason why snow would be welcome ...and I'm a little bit jealous from your socks...

deanna7trees said...

everybody's already said it before me...those colors are to 'dye' for. love the hat you are knitting.

Peggy said...

I had no idea about the effects of snow with dyes. Wow! Lots of eye candy here, I could probably eat some of these! xo